Who have the strongest nerves - Capricorn

Capricorn is not emotional, he is a great individualist and a careerist. But if he decided to marry, it will be more than difficult to make him to run away. The best way - to interfere his work and career advancement.

Capricorn has a big ambitions, but in the material sense, he is often ready to be satisfied with little. So if  you will push him to leave his beloved job for a better place, where he will earn better money to meet your needs, sooner or later he would prefer to sacrifice his marriage with you for the sake of his favorite job.

Capricorns do not like crowded and noisy companies, so the crowds of noisy guests, that are sitting in your house all night long, will irritate the owner, who has to be at his office tomorrow morning. If he is working at home, distract him with all sorts of nonsense like the questions: "Do you love me?" or "Have you seen my dress, my dear?"

Extravagant behavior and clothing of his partner will also be very much annoying Capricorn, especially if this will be witnessed by his boss or some other - worthy by his point of view - people. In short, the Capricorn will come to the conclusion that business and marriage are two incompatible things. And one day he will inform you about it.

Who have the strongest nerves?