Who have the strongest nerves - Sagittarius

Way to the heart of this noble and extravagant sign of Zodiac lies through the sports, his stomach, and romance. If you remove even one of these three pillars, love of Sagittarius will subside quickly.

After discovering that his partner is an ordinary person who prefers to watch TV instead of a romantic kisses in the lilac bushes and do not know the difference between hockey and football, Sagittarius quickly will find another ideal. But still it will not be easy to kick him out of the house, where someone is making tasty food and washing shirts.

Therefore it is better to start with an attempt to transfer your Sagittarius to the super-useful vegetarian diet, combining it with the requirements to check on the children's homework. And on the weekends, when the soul of Sagittarius is dreaming about fishing or ski trip, make him nail the shelves in the closet or give a visit to his relatives.

As often as it is possible remind him of his family duties, give as a good examples people which he can not stand, and criticize his friends and acquaintances. When he will rebel and disappear for a few days, meet him with complaints, an empty fridge and a proposal to begin immediately to repair a vacuum cleaner. Sagittarius will not survive any of those.

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