Who have the strongest nerves - Scorpio

Who have the strongest nerves - Scorpio

Scorpio is jealous, vindictive and clever. This is the most dangerous sign of the whole Zodiac, so you should get rid of your Scorpio wisely.

First, try to loose all interest in sex (the partner must be convinced that the reason for such a "cooling" of yours is not some "other person"). This sign can not physically endure long abstinence, so he will quickly find himself someone "on the side".

When this happens, pretend to be a great sufferer - cry, complain from your terrible fate, but do not make a scandal out of it. Scorpions adore the flash of emotion, and hysterical jealous partner can revive his passion greatly.

At this time, try to turn to him with your weak, stupid and uninteresting side. For Scorpio partnership means the possession, fight or service. He will not take any stupid nonsense beside himself.

If your Scorpio is a highly developed personality (however, it is not so easy to find those, who are willing to voluntarily leave the Scorpion of a highest level), try to break some internal canons, which exist in every Scorpio. Just make sure not to touch him personally - no one is recommended to tease this sign.

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