Who have the strongest nerves - Libra

Libra is peaceful, calm and refined. They do not like violent outbursts of passion, and they considered tedious clarifying the relationship.

They love luxury and refined society, and do not like to excessively trouble themselves. This sign does is not conflict-like, but not at all helpless, so parting with Libra is quite simple.

The first way - jealousy. Be jealous, check, snick around your Libra, even if there is no clear reason. Firstly, it is annoying, and secondly, as it was pointed out by Alexander Dumas: "accuse someone of what he did not commit - so, to push him for this act".

Under the pretext of jealousy try to keep your Libra partner at home, depriving him of his habitual society and also do not forget to give him a lot of uninteresting household chores. Enter the austerity - collect money for something expensive, but boring, not stylish and threatening with even more trouble.

Offer your Libra to provide himself with potato and vegetables. Also offer him to put on some home-made sweater instead of a fancy clothes from a famous designer, when you and Libra are going out. Also is good to "not understand" a poetry or a painting, that Libra liked and begin to tell him what happened in the TV series every single day. This will be the last drop.

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