Who have the strongest nerves - Virgo

Virgo is "methodical", fanatically hard-working, irritable and suspicious person. It is not difficult to get rid of Virgo, but if this is done "sloppy", you may expect tedious trials, small, but lasting for years, and revenge gossip and complaints, falling on the heads of your mutual friends.

To avoid all this, you need to make your Virgo to believe that the continued existence under the same roof with you may be detrimental to the Virgo's health (even though you by yourself can not be blamed, just that you are not careful by nature, wasteful and disorganized).

And for that, be always late by yourself and force your Virgo to be late (collect yourself for two hours, forget the necessary things left on the gas stoves and forget to switch off the irons, remember about this on halfway, and so on).

Distract Virgo from work with the stupid phone-calls, at home - with the same stupid questions, interrupt Virgo's diet, never put things in the right place, buy totally useless (in terms of the Virgo), but very expensive stuff, find yourself a noisy and messy friends.

First Virgo will try to change you - nod your head dejectedly, promise you will try to fix it (for a day or two) and then get back to the same stuff, that was mentioned above. Six months later, you will be asked to discuss the division of a joint property.

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