Who have the strongest nerves - Cancer

Cancers are a couch potatoes with the soft poetic character, attached to the house and adoring children. All these qualities make parting with them particularly difficult.

Strictly speaking, there is only one way to leave a male Cancer (female Cancer, as a rule, is extremely rarely staying alone), without making him unhappy - to find for him "a new forever home". At a time when in the world there are a lot of nice, single women seeking to arrange their own destiny, it is not too difficult, although it takes some time.

You should now see a friend, that differs from you with her charming shyness, romanticism and dreams of a big house near the water, which will sport at least four children. You urgently need to become either a socialite, surrounded by admirers, or a business woman, which is abhorrent to everything related to the household.

After some time, Cancer, lowering his eyes in embarrassment, will tell you, that he met "love of his life". Wish him the best of luck and bring to the wedding a landscape with the full moon as a wedding gift.

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