Who have the strongest nerves - Gemini

Gemini is a sign, very easy to get rid of - just stop controlling them, and they immediately will rush out and find a lot of new adventures on them head.

Since the union with Gemini is held primarily by intellectual dialogue, make sure that your Gemini will get bored. No discussions over the "eternal engine", no solving mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle and no discussing of the prospects for the presidential election.

Talk always only about children, broken kitchen tap and the prices for tomatoes on the market and in the store - it's enough to make Gemini depressed and push him to look around in search of something interesting.

It is much more difficult to explain to them, that this should take some action - to change their place of residence, to perform various legal proceedings, to handle the parental problems.

At this point you have to show some soft persistence for the Gemini to realize that he must stress himself a little bit, but that's how he can get rid of you.

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