Who have the strongest nerves - Taurus

Taurus likes comfort and coziness, they also love good food and can not bear parting with the material goods, that are already in them hands. However, they are very conservative and lazy, so it will be a rather laborious process to push them to leave.

The main rule in this case: do not make them angry! Taurus will not react at once, but when he got angry, he is extremely dangerous and ruthless.

At the same time, he will easily part with the messy, not manageable, restless, empty-headed fool. And it will go quite painless. Also - tormented by remorse - (after all, he threw away a silly helpless creature) he will even donate part of the property and agree to pay alimony.

He will not survive another extreme situation. Different "tasteless" meals, an empty refrigerator, working enthusiasm, when his wife disappears at work and is getting home always late. Dirt and hunger in the house will force Taurus to rise up from his couch and seek a more suitable companion, able to provide him with comfortable environment and a hearty lunch.

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