Moon in the natal chart of the child - Moon in Aquarius

For the Moon in Aquarius it is typical to have a subconscious tendency to look in the future. Here we will always see the need for a constant change and for the intellectual and ideological rationalization of all emotions. The subconscious desire to lead people and to express ideas.

To the masses determines the need to find like-minded environment with the similar goals and beliefs system. Leading need will be met in case the person with his Moon in Aquarius will be appreciated for the personal identity, originality of ideas and care for the others. Without people around him and continuous innovations the Lunar Aquarius will not be happy. But he should remember that his inner harmony depends largely on his own efforts.

This people themselves have to worry about how to bring something new into that sphere of life, which suddenly fails to satisfy them, instead of waiting until someone will make sure that they did not become bored or until the present state of things begins to seriously bother, leading to the mental wanderings and making the Lunar Aquarius to break the ties. Lunar Aquarians are very hard to be "here and now", because their whole soul looks to the future. But to live their life fully, they need to learn how to actually live in the present, finding a compromises between everyday life and so attractive future.

Child with the Moon in Aquarius must necessarily be provided with the frequent meetings in a group of peers. Usually they are easy to enter the groups of children and skillfully organize cooperative games. The need for novelty makes them to generate new ideas almost always and everywhere. Try not to restrict your child in his creative flight.

Remember of the inner freedom of your Lunar Aquarius and try to satisfy his desire for independence as much as possible. Satisfying the leading need here will have a huge a positive effect on the emotional development in the future. If a kid became naughty, be prepared to offer him something new, and he will easily come out of this state, if you will not stress him.

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