Moon in the natal chart of the child - Moon in Scorpio

People with the Moon in Scorpio have a very deep and emotionally rich inner world. They are also characterized by the greatest ability to heal themselves.

However, they do not realize this and often cultivate a sense of their own imperfection, resulting in the increased demands to themselves and others. The strong subconscious doubts in love and acceptance of the others are pushing the lunar Scorpios to hide their true feelings and emotions under the mask of strength or self-sufficiency.

This is why their key requirement is to be perceived as a strong personality as well as the feeling that they have control over the environment and situations. Lunar Scorpios need to use a deep self-analysis to determine their true resources (emotional and intuitive), and also for the understanding of their real needs. This will help to stop them from "stinging" themselves and the others. Also it can restore their energy and give them an access to the finest vision of the inner world of other people.

If your child has his Moon in Scorpio, provide him an atmosphere of love and unconditional acceptance. Stable and confirmed positive experience of emotional communication will create a quick exit from the periods of psychological conflicts and adjustment to a more constructive position of responding.

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