Moon in the natal chart of the child - Moon in Libra

Leading human need with the Moon in Libra is achieving the self-respect through their status in the society. Lunar Libra need to be seen, to feel acceptance and popularity.

In addition, in order to achieve the inner peace they want to see beauty and harmony in everything that surrounds them. Such people, though jerky in their emotions, are rather diplomatic in their terms. They are characterized by a very fine instinctive perception of the situation, which often can accurately anticipate it's development.

Children with the Moon in Libra prefer to choose by themselves, what they will wear or buy. This has to be considered and parents must allow them to make choices on their own. Also, provide your child a reasonable opportunity to communicate with his peers.

Paired games will attract him much more than any training alone. And be sure to talk to him about what he feels - this way your child will learn to distinguish between his own feelings and the models imposed on him by the environment or situation.

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