Moon in the natal chart of the child - Moon in Virgo

Lunar Virgos are very demanding to themselves and to the others. The subconscious desire for perfection often leaves them unsatisfied with the existing environment or situation.

However, their diligence, hard working and good nature is bringing them the reputation of a good workers. Leading need of a Lunar Virgo is to achieve respect for the accuracy of perceptions and evaluations, analytic mind and accuracy. Moon in Virgo provides individual with the emotional stability, and intuitive adaptability to the environment. However, these people need to understand the origins of their high demands to the environment and learn to live with the fact that they must not depend on those.

A child with a Moon in Virgo requires a strict schedule, then he will feel that everything in his world is in peace. Subconscious desire for some order is often reflected in the fact that kids tend to put all their belongings to the right places. And they always remember very well, where those places are and even correcting the adults when they notice any mistake.

Their actions must be encouraged, as it is very important for them to feel that they are helping adults. These children should receive an explanation for everything. It gives them a real peace of mind. They love learning and from the early childhood are trying to analyze and understand the causal relationships between different events.

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