Moon in the natal chart of the child - Moon in Leo

Moon in Leo needs a personal recognition. This need is so deep and so hidden in the subconscious, that sometimes the person is not aware of it's role in motivating his own perceptions, actions and behavior in general.

Criticism  is wounding him deeply, though he never fails to hide it. Any pressure will cause discomfort and a strong internal willing in the future to avoid situations, that may cause it. When the Moon is in Leo there is a complex of a king (or queen): the need to shine and generously reign.

These people are feeling very comfortable in any situation requiring the application of their creative effort. Many of them find themselves in acting or singing. Moon in Leo always needs a scene. This could be a profession, and can easily find it's expression in everyday situations: Moon in Leo everywhere seeks to win the attention of others.

Kids with the Moon in Leo like to be in the spotlight. They love to show off their skills, when parents want them to demonstrate something to the others. They love to be praised - for this children it is the strongest incentive to act.

This kids will be happy to climb on the chair and read a poem or to repeat a funny phrase, uttered the day before. Here, however, parents must be very careful not to require more, than the child's real abilities and not to put him in an awkward position. Any failure hurts them and may in the future create an inner ban on the expressions of creativity.

Moon in the natal chart of the child