Moon in the natal chart of the child - Moon in Cancer

Moon in Cancer is very strong. Here it is "at home" because Moon is the ruler of this sign. A person with Moon in Cancer has an enormous depth of intuitive and emotional susceptibility.

For this child it is important to have the opportunity to give a vent to his emotions in any activity. As a rule, he is able to accept himself and others as they are, to empathize and sympathize. Leading need here is a sense of personal security. Moon in Cancer tends, above all, to secure both: physical and psychological safety.

Very strong binding to the past experiences, to the existing picture of the world, to the familiar things. Any changes this person will perceive as a threat to his security. All this leads to the inner passivity and resistance to any change. In addition, very valuable for the Moon in Cancer are: home, family and roots

A child with the Moon in Cancer is sensitive, shy and touchy. For him it is important to feel that his home - is a place where he is safe and loved. He is always ready to respond to the warmth and affection, shown toward him. However, any rudeness instantly makes him to retire because he feels all the emotions very well.

Moon in Cancer is touchy, and may permanently dismiss the child from you, tiding him to the endured negative experience. The sincerity of feelings - is a basic principle of communication with the Moon in Cancer.

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