Moon in the natal chart of the child - Moon in Aries

Leading human need with the Moon in Aries will be the opportunity to show initiative and the real action. At the same time he needs people around him to acknowledge his identity, or any activity loses it's meaning for him. Moon in Aries is showing us the need for personal significance.

Here the owner of a chart needs to be the most important. It can be shown or hidden behind the secret fantasies and disappointments. A person with Moon in Aries is decisive in the manifestation of his emotions and stubborn in insisting on his will. In the same time he is honest and direct, like a child. It is a sign of independence and determination, and the whole emotional world of a person is painted exactly by these qualities. Model "momentum - action" is describing perfectly a child with a pronounced sign of Aries.

For a child with his Moon in Aries there is always a great need to feel that he is recognized as a person, that his opinion counts. Do not force him to do something, better try to make the necessary work attractive to your child, so that he wanted to do it. The famous children's "I can do it myself!" begins to sound in these kids much earlier than in their peers with the moon in the other signs.

Try not to limit the child's physical activity. If he is busy with something, even hugs and affection he will perceived as an obstacle, and it may make him very angry. If, however, some actions are unacceptable for you or they are dangerous for the child's life, try to distract him with something else, instead of a sharp prohibiting. Always try to offer an alternative, to redirect the child's energy to something else, to some more acceptable field.

Naturally, all this is true for the other children as well, but for a child with the Moon in Aries this is especially important. The same can be said about the rest of recommendations that we will give for the children with their Moon in a particular sign. And more than that. All recommendations / examples are written for young children. But all that information should be applied to the older children and adults alike, as each of us is often guided by motives that are prompted to him by his "inner child".

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