Signs of the Zodiac and Sports - Aquarius

Aquariuses - born rebels, innovators, adventurers. They are impossible to predict. They are always on the crest of a wave, they first begin to do things that are not yet born, not discovered, or simply not accepted.

They are "extremities" in essence! They have no authorities! From the childhood Aquariuses impress their parents with fearlessness, love of freedom and eccentricity. Risk - is the middle name of Aquarius. For them, the risk - is just a curiosity, a desire to learn something new. When they get interested in sports, they are ready for crazy things, but once everything is known and understood, immediately Aquarius is bored.

Routine, discipline and obedience - that is from what they run at a breakneck pace. Often obsessed with some idea, for the sake of friendship, Aquariuses are capable of many things. Aquariuses do not have any authorities - they want to experience everything by themselves. In sports they bring new tricks, new style of performance.

Their innate creativity also helps to improve the sport tools: whether it would be the sneakers, roller skates or skis.

Sudden mood swings and unpredictable behavior are often leading Aquariuses to injury. Their nervous system is overloaded first - lack of sleep and lack of fresh air can cause insomnia. Aquariuses should take a special care for the lower leg, this is their weak spot.

Aquarius, do not worry - the universe still has a lot of secrets for you to discover!

Signs of the Zodiac and Sports