Signs of the Zodiac and Sports - Capricorn

Capricorns are ambitious by nature, tough, tenacious in reaching their goals. Already at the early age this people know, what they want. If Capricorn will set himself the task of achieving success on the sports field, then gradually he will reach his target. 

There probably will not be any sharp rises, but also there will be no rapid falls. Any impediment on his way Capricorn will perceive as another step towards his success. A strong will and harsh living plants allow Capricorns to organize their life properly, so sooner or later they will do what they wanted. Self-discipline and a lot of hard work is teaching them to use their skills perfectly. Extreme sports may become a secret passion of Capricorns. They bring there all their seriousness, and all their lust for life and passion, that is usually hidden from the others.

Capricorn's weak point is in the fact, that they do not have much sensitivity in their skin and this may affect their health. For a long time they may ignore pain, until the bruise or injury will require a serious intervention of doctors. Injuries may occur in the skeletal system, joints, particularly knees. Hypothermia is very dangerous for Capricorns. Also they should give themselves enough rest if they are ill. In Capricorns the broken bones may often be an issue.

Capricorns, try to pay enough attention to the symptoms of your body, listen to it, what it tells you. You use it as a tool to achieve your goals, but tools also need a proper care. You know very well that you are ready for asceticism and self-restrains for the sake of your plans, but is it worth it? Is loneliness and isolation, that you find yourself surrounded with, better? The world will open all it's doors for you, if you will make just a few steps forward.

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