Signs of the Zodiac and Sports - Gemini

Gemini, from the childhood having diversified interests, will always tend to try his hand at many sports. This sign is especially attracted to the team competitions.

Gemini are easily influenced by the other people's excitement, so they can safely begin studying difficult tricks in a collaboration with someone. But without somebody's support it is hard for Gemini to maintain enthusiasm and intensity of the workouts. The strong point of Gemini is that they are able to study everything very quickly and are able to easily create new tricks. Also by their nature Gemini are usually very agile and flexible. Movement for them - is life. Lack of exercise may lead Gemini to different disorders of the nervous system.

Excessive nervousness and impatience may seriously disturb Gemini from the extreme sports. Every Gemini knows that it is terribly boring to repeat the same move for more than three times. Knowing your own nature, try to invent a wide range of exercises. Even better if you will start to teach someone, and it will entertain you and help you to cope with the desire to quit one kind of sports and to engage immediately in the other.

Daily monitoring of your condition and shape will allow you to control the rate of falls and injuries. And the joy, that you can get from favorite sports will become your constant companion.

Zodiac and Sports Review