Astrology and Beauty - Vitamins and astrology

The word "vitamins" came from the Latin word "vita" - which means "life". This organic elements are entering the human body with the food or are synthesized by the bodies themselves. Vitamins are necessary for normal metabolism.

They were dislunincovered by N.I. Lunin in 1880, and produced for the first time in their pure form in 1911. Now there are about fifty kinds of vitamins. As a rule, they do not stay in the body and the excess of vitamins is naturally released. The greatest amount of vitamins is found in fruits and vegetables, but some can only be found in the animal products. With a lack of vitamins in food human body is developing a dangerous disease - hipovitaminosis. In the pharmaceutical industry, vitamins are produced by the chemical or microbiological synthesis.

In terms of astrology, vitamins are under responsibility of the Zodiac sign Virgo - because vitamins are the smallest elements, and their assimilation and synthesis goes through the intestines. Mercury allows to obtain information about the world through the food, Virgo is the second sign of the information after the Gemini, where knowledge comes through breathing. In Slavic mythology - Virgo - the mother-earth, hiding a mighty powers inside. Proserpine - in Greek mythology - goddess of the kingdom of dead, abducted by Hades. Proserpine spends one third of her life underground, and two thirds of her life on the earth. On the stellar atlases the constellation of Virgo is depicted holding a spike - a sign of future life. The name of the main star of this constellation - Spica - means the spike. As the spike is composed of many grains, the same way our food should contain a wide variety of vitamins.

By their way of assimilation, vitamins are divided into two groups - water soluble and fat soluble.

The planets are arranged by vitamins presumably as follows:

  • 1. The Sun - vitamin A.
  • 2. The Moon - B vitamins.
  • 3. Mercury - vitamin C.
  • 4. Saturn - vitamin D.
  • 5. Venus - vitamin E.
  • 6. Mars - vitamin K.
  • 7. Jupiter - vitamins R.

1. Vitamin A - Retinol, carotene. Soluble in fat, the lack of it leads to dryness of the skin and impaired vision. Corresponds to the Sun. Source of vitamin A cream, melted butter, cod liver oil. Plants, that contain carotene are colored in orange, which is converted into vitamin A. It is found in carrots, tomatoes, sea buckthorn, pumpkin, oranges. Particularly high demand for this vitamin is in the signs of Libra and Aquarius.

2. B Vitamins - water soluble. This group contains about thirty vitamins, they are responsible for the nervous system and metabolism. Especially the B vitamins are necessary for Capricorn and Scorpio.

  • B1 - found in yeast, legumes, cereals, nuts, apricots.
  • B2 - milk and dairy products, yeast, cabbage, liver.
  • B3 - meat, eggs, mushrooms, kidney and heart.
  • B4 - soybean oil, sour cabbage, eggs and nettles.
  • B5 - beets, beans, mushrooms.
  • B6 - nuts, beans, carrots.
  • B8 - green peas, cabbage.
  • B9 - leafy vegetables, peas.
  • B12 - liver, kidneys, fish roe.
  • B15 - apricot pits and seeds.

vitamin3. Vitamin C - is not accumulating and is not synthesized by the human body. The absence of vitamin C is developing scurvy. Contained in black currants, citrus fruits, nettles, pine needles, mountain ash. Prevents the respiratory system diseases, inhibits cancer. Corresponds to Mercury. Most important for the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. Women need more vitamin C than men.

4. Vitamin D - helps the absorption of calcium, with a deficiency develops rickets, alopecia. Formed under the influence of sunlight on the skin. Corresponds to the planet Saturn. Contained in the butter, milk and egg yolk. Most in need of this vitamin are - Cancer, Leo and Aries.

5. Vitamin E corresponds to Venus, it retards aging, affects the brain, nerves, affects fertility, very important during the pregnancy. Found in vegetable oils. Is highly recommend for the signs of Virgo and Scorpio. The absence of vitamin D is developing infertility.

6. Vitamin K - is associated with the planet Mars, is responsible for the formation of blood. Found in the green plants, cabbage, carrots. Vitamin K is recommended for Libra, Cancer, Taurus.

7. Vitamin P - is associated with Jupiter. Affects the blood vessels. Found in tea, dog rose, onions, cranberries, lingonberries. Restores the liver after poisoning, diabetes, and radiation sickness. Required most by signs: Gemini, Capricorn, Virgo, as well as by people born in the years of the Snake, Rat or Monkey.

Going next, vitamin-like substances are involved in the synthesis of vitamins.

According to the basic astrological canons this Zodiac signs are in need of vitamins:

  • Aries - D, E
  • Taurus - H, K
  • Gemini - P
  • Cancer - K, D, H
  • Leo - D, H
  • Virgo - E, F
  • Libra - A, K
  • Scorpio - B, E
  • Sagittarius - C, vitamin deficiency
  • Capricorn - B, P
  • Aquarius - U, A
  • Pisces - C, vitamin deficiency

The weakest area of the Zodiac according to the degree of digestibility is the latter, because it is not related to the gastrointestinal tract, most disadvantaged signs - Pisces (an imprisonment of Proserpine) and Sagittarius (the fall of Proserpine).

The position of the natal Sun in the signs is showing the possibility of a chronic vitamin deficiency, and the transit Sun - the change of deficiency. In addition, there are "anti-vitamins" that are blocking vitamins - antibiotics and sulfa drugs.

The need for vitamins increases with:

  • 1. Great physical exertion.
  • 2. Active sports.
  • 3. In old age.
  • 4. The irregular power supply.
  • 5. When dieting for weight loss.
  • 6. During lactation and pregnancy.
  • 7. In seasons with the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • 8. In the Far North and areas equivalent to them, as well as when working underground.

If there is a lack of vitamins in the body, they can be received in a form of tablets (from any drug store) or subcutaneously (by the prescription of you doctor), but it is better to receive them with a balanced diet.

There are a few more ways to provide your body with vitamins - inhalations with herbs and oils, and through the skin - herbal baths. Medicinal herb tea will support your health during the winter time, but for the normal absorption of vitamins it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the intestine, especially for the Earth signs - Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

The uncontrolled use of vitamins can only bring harm, but the ignorance of your body's needs does not solve the health problems.