Fitness - program for the signs of the Earth: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

You are strong, as the earth itself, and this means that you can handle almost any kind of sports. You are restraint and calm, so you need to plan everything in advance.

Try to do fitness three times a week for 45 minutes. You have enough willpower to carry out all that is planned: if you decided to run 5 km, you will certainly do it. Use this quality of your character to achieve the athletic goals. Since you want some instant results, you can exercise with the machines in a gym or do complex exercises for all muscle groups - such as Pilates program.

1. You are quite hardy and therefore you often overreact with the exercises. Try to restrain yourself not to overload your muscles.

2. Try to exercise outdoors: jogging, long walks, horseback riding or golf. Do not waste your time on the water sports: your feet should always feel the firm ground.

3. You like your workouts to be simple, but quite intense. And if the group does not meet your expectations, you will be disappointed. So try to choose the right instructor.

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