Fitness - program for the Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You have a dreamy nature, you're more likely to prefer massage, not fitness. But you have to force yourself to move, because your body tends to retain water (your "water" nature is expressing itself this way).

To get rid of the water, you should give yourself a physical activity more often. If you can not manage to go to the gym often, try jogging in the morning, or at least do some morning gymnastics!

1. Concentrate on the belly - it is the center of your being. Perform body lifts while lying on your back and leg lifts - two sets of 20 times daily.

2. Deal with a friend to go to the gym together or sign up for the individual classes with the fitness trainer to encourage yourself tocontinue your workouts.

3. Give preference to the aerobic exercise to sweat more during the classes: for example, you can try Thai-bo, or just come up and run with the energetic music.

4. Try to visit the swimming pool at least once a week, because the water is your second habitat. Swimming, water skiing, scuba diving, sailing, surfing - all this is good for you.

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