Fitness - program for the Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You're full of life and you want to get everything possible out of everything you do. As you have so much energy, you can exercise at least five times a week.

But to stay in shape two or three visits to the gym per week would be quite enough, if all other days you will lead an active life. By nature you are sociable so any "collective" sports will be suitable for you.

1. You are attracted to everything new, so try the last "squeak" of a fitness fashion - Brazilian dance Capoeira, where the ritual movements are combined with the modern aerobics. The oriental fighting with swords may also suit you well.

2. Recharge your batteries in the class of aerobics. Stand in the front row - you always like to inspire the others! However, do not forget about the power training in the gym - it will cheer you up.

3. Play in a team. Maybe you should try a basketball club. Or invite your friends to try the roller skates, scooters or go hiking.

4. You really love all kinds of competitions: try yet unknown types of fighting, such as Okinawan Karate - one of the most beautiful martial arts of the East.

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