Expression number

There is such numerological concept as the Expression number - it may give much information regarding your both mental and physical constitution, the goals you may have in your life. In numerological science this number is often mentioned as the 'Destiny' due to its primary role and purpose it serves. This number shows the target, which the analyzed person is aiming for his/her lifetime. Every single day is spent on gradually fulfilling your life potential. So, briefly, Expression number is the one, revealing your inner desires and major life goals.

Personal Expression number is also showing your inner abilities, talents, characteristics and weaknesses. How efficiently you can use the inner abilities in a major degree determines who you are and what achievement you will most probably reach.

Each letter in your name has an assigned number, which may tell much about your personal characteristics and talents you possess. It is like puzzle, which you have to solve: to get the full and clear picture you have to put all pieces together and examine them – this will reveal who you were meant to be. The name, given to you at birth, leaves the great blueprint on your life potential. But please remember that it is only a potential – you always are the only one to decide whether to realize it or not.

Expression number is calculated through examining the full name you were given at birth: the first name, the last name, and the middle one (if you have it). In most of the cases, this is the name, written in your birth certificate. But sometimes people have questions on what name to use, some explanations and suggestions are provided further in the text. The examples below are also applicable while calculation Personality and your Heart's Desire numbers.

If there was a clerical error, when your birth certificate was filled-in, but the parents accepted that error and acknowledged that misspelled name further in lifetime, this name can be used for Expression number calculation.
In case that clerical mistake was not accepted by parents, you were using the original name for your whole life – then ignore the data you have in birth certificate, use the original name instead. Misspelled name and the original one will produce totally different results.

If you were adopted and your name was changed, please you your original name (the one you had before an adoption) to calculate your Expression number.

If there is a situation that you were adopted at an early age, and actually never knew the name, which was given to you at birth – please use the earliest name you can remember. But it is strongly recommended to figure out the real name, because only it will produce the correct chart.

Even if you did not ever use your original name during the lifetime, it still has an influence on the calculations – your original name should be used to determine the Expression number.

Religious names, given by spiritual teacher at confirmation, or during some other religious event or ceremony, are not considered in the Expression number calculation. Nevertheless, they can provide deeper insight into your personality. (Please refer to the sections Minor Heart's Desire and Minor Expression, they go later in the text.)

If at birth you were given several last or middle names, use all of them. But if there is an addition in your name such as third, junior, etc – you should not count those additions. If there is something similar in your name, please always discard such additions – they do not carry any meaning for calculations.