What are Pinnacles? These are 4 long-term cycles on the Life Path of each of us. Pinnacles are specific characteristics, or attributes, that have to be absorbed into your being. The process of assimilating these attributes runs through various challenges you must overcome and opportunities you must take - they are all presented to you by the Pinnacle. During this process you have to deal with certain features of the Pinnacle number and, at the same time, it shapes your character.

The First Pinnacle cycle starts with your birth and continues up to the age of 36, minus the number of your Life Path. The next two Pinnacles last 9 years each. The last - the Forth Pinnacle continues for the rest of your life.

If we refer to Personal Years, your Pinnacle will always be changed during Years number 1 and 9. These Personal Years are symbols of the end of one long-term cycle and the beginning of another. When we progress through multiple nine-year cycles – and each of them brings about a change at the end and the beginning, the Pinnacle changes signify especially intense transformations of our personal lives. Every person may experience only 3 Pinnacle changes in a lifetime.

If you know that you are about to approach the Pinnacle number, you may pass through it easier if you are prepared for the changes that are most likely to occur.

Finding Your Pinnacle Numbers:

To calculate your First Pinnacle, sum up the numbers of your day and month of birth, and then reduce the figure to a single digit. For instance, if a person was born on 15th of May, 1949, his or her First Pinnacle would be 11 (5 - May + 6 - the fifteenth). If you encounter a Master number in your Pinnacle, you do not reduce it. For example, for 5th of November you add 5 and 11 (since the number of the month is a Master number). The result of 16 is then reduced to 7.

To calculate your Second Pinnacle, sum up the year and the day of your birth. If we return to the example of May 15, 1949, we'll get 6 + 5 (the reduced total of 1949), which would make another 11.

For the Third Pinnacle, sum up the First and Second Pinnacles – in our case, 11 plus 11 makes 22, another Master number which is not reduced.

Lastly, to figure out your Forth Pinnacle, sum up your year and month of birth. For our example we'll get 5 (May) + 5 (1949), which makes 10 and then reduces to 1.