The subconscious self

Subconscious Self number shows your confidence, competence and personal powers, as well as your capacity to handle sudden events or tricky situations. It reflects your ability to evaluate certain situations and respond to them appropriately.

Basis of the Subconscious Self is your personal Karmic Lesson chart. Some people may have all 9 numbers present in their names, others may have fewer - in fact, even as few as 3. For instance, if numbers 6 and 7 are missing from your own Karmic Lesson chart, this will mean that you might face some difficulties dealing with situations with the characteristics of 6 and 7.

At the same time if you still have the other 7 or 8 numbers present in your name so you'll find it quite easy to solve situations that require those numbers. You'll realize that you can feel some assurance and confidence, that the situation is somehow familiar to you and that you know exactly what to do. Logically, someone with just five numbers in the name will have less confidence than someone with 8 numbers.

Generally, if you have eight numbers in your name, you'll find it quite easy to deal with most situations. Strange as it might seem, if a person possesses all nine numbers, he might act in an overly complacent way when he or she faces unexpected events.

How to Calculate Your Subconscious Self Number:

To find out your Subconscious Self number, just count how many numbers there are in your name, as you do for the Karmic Lesson chart. The other technique is to subtract your Karmic Lessons number from 9, and you'll get your Subconscious Self number.