The Period Cycles

Our life is a long story with several storylines and fascinating plot, and as every story it has 3 major parts: opening part, middle period, and a final chapter. The First part, or 'the opening period', it starts right at the moment you are born. The true inner nature is only starting to grow, during this period we are also trying to cope with all strong influencers in life: parent, surrounding environment, social connections, economic condition of the family we live in, etc.

Second Cycle is associated with the middle period in our lives; during this time our unique and creative talents are starting to emerge. Start of this cycle usually happens sometime in between your thirties and early fifties, when you have learned many lessons from the life you've had.

You final cycler, or the Third one, signifies the blossoming of our inner self. Now your true nature has reached the highest and most vivid state. This Cycle is known to be as the period of personal power and major self-expression.

It is known that all three Period Cycles are in the strong and direct relation with your birth date. Every Period Cycle has a length of about 27 years (3 epicycles, each consisting of 9 years). Precise number of years it takes to make a transition from one Cycle to another is precisely calculated from your Life Path. Everything is interconnected: the Life Path is influenced by the Cycle Period numbers.

In table below you may determine the age, at which one is most likely to face a transition period.


Life Path #

End of 1st
start of 2nd Cycle

End of 2nd
start of 3rd Cycle




2 or 11






4 or 22






6 or 33













Please note: every Period Cycle contains exactly three 9-Personal Years cycles sets (each sets starts with Personal Year 1 and end with Year number 9), plus actually most Personal Years have to reach the beginning of the first Personal Year 1 of the given Period Cycle.

Let us discuss an example: if a person has Life Path number 5, his 1st Personal Year cycle on the moment of birth will also be 5. (There is a rule that everyone's 1st Personal Year cycle is always matching the number of his Life Path.)
In the example above, the 1st Personal Year Cycle 1 is lasting for exactly 5 years sharp from the year the person was born.
If we add 3 full 9-year cycles to the number from the previous step (5), we will be able to figure out the age of transition to the Second Period Cycle: it will occur at approximate age of 32 (5+27).

IMPORTANT: The years, at which you will make transition between Period Cycles, always carry big meaning for your life. They are very significant, but may be hard to overcome.

The 1st Period Cycle is represented by your birth month. Earlier we had an example of December 14, 1983 – here number 11 of October is turned into 2.

2nd Period Cycle is computed from the numbers of the day of your birth: it has to be reduced to a one-digit number, or if in calculations you get a Master Number (in this case just keep the number as is, remember – we do not make any further calculations with them). In the date example we have – 14th day it turned to 5 and it signifies the Second Period Cycle number 5.

3rd Period Cycle is calculated by reducing the birth year to a single-digit (or again, until you encounter one of Master numbers). Our case gives the following results: 1983 becomes 3.