Transit letters

To find Transits, you must look into your name's individual letters. Transits are used together with Essence Chart and they help to determine what year is ahead of you.

Try to see your name as if it were a musical piece vibrating in time. In this case your life would be a musical score, and at given points the individual letters make special contributions, just like notes are played at certain moments in a piece of music to add to it some nuance, character and rhythm. Each letter (or note) has a certain duration and a certain influence on your life over a given time period.

Calculating Your Transits.

The basis of the Transits is the letters of your last, first, and middle names. These names provide information about particular levels of your consciousness: the mental level, spiritual, and physical one. Accordingly, the Mental Transit – on your middle name, the Spiritual Transit – on your last name, and the Physical Transit is calculated based on the first name. If you don't have a middle name, in this case your last name will give the information for both Spiritual and Mental Transits. In the other case, if you have more than one middle name, you should put them together to create a long name. Accordingly, you do the same if you have several last names.

To find out more details about the calculation of the Transits, please look through the well-known book named Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self.