The Personal Day and the Personal Month numbers

As we progress through a nine-year cycle, we also experience nine-day and nine-month cycles. Of course, compared to the Personal Year cycle, their influence is much weaker, and yet we cannot disregard them at all. The Personal Day and Personal Month cycles run along the pattern of the Personal Year, 1 to 9. The numbers of the daily and monthly cycles have a similar influence, though still less profound than the numbers of the Personal Year cycle.

Think about daily, monthly and yearly cycles as three spirals, all intertwined. The patterns are still essentially the same, just encompassing greater periods of time. As they grow, these patterns only become more powerful and more profound.

Calculating Your Personal Day and the Personal Month numbers.

Calculations of your Personal Month number are done as follows: add your Personal Year number to the single-digit value of the month. Let's say, if you have a Personal Year 5 and need a Personal Month number for July, you just add 5 to 7 (July) and get 12, reducing it to 3. Therefore, July will be a 3 Personal Month for a person in the 5 Personal Year.

Accordingly, if you need to find out the number of your Personal Day, just add-up your Personal Month number to the number of the day, then reduce the sum total to a single digit.