The Numerology Personal Year Cycle

The main cycle influencing your life experience is the Personal Year cycle.

In your life, each year represents a part that makes up an evolving pattern of an epicycle, or a nine-year cycle. Starting with your birth, these cycles progress one after another through nine steps, until an epicycle is completed, and the process starts all over again.

The beginning of an epicycle is a 1st Personal Year. It then goes on to the 2nd Personal Year and so on, until the 9th Personal Year is reached. In each epicycle there are certain lessons to be learned and certain opportunities offered – put together, they create a specific tone of character.

The number of each year stands as a symbol of the year's certain characteristics. So, a Personal Year 1 would have the qualities of the number 1, while the Personal Year 2 would have the number 2 qualities, and so on. Obviously, the epicycle is not influenced solely by these characteristics but also by some shorter or larger cycles taking place at the same time. Among these cycles there are long-term cycles, Essence numbers and Transits. The influences easiest to identify are those of the Essence number and the Personal Year.

Your Personal Years are steps marking your advance through life.


Calculate Your Numerology Personal Year Number

To calculate your Personal Year number for a certain year, add the Universal Year number of that year to the day and month of your birth date. As example, to find the Personal Year number in 1998 for a person born on May 15, we have to add 5 (May) to 6 (the 15th day) to 9 (the sum total of 1998). The number we arrive at is 20, which can be reduced to 2.

NOTE: Since the Personal Year cycles depend on the Universal Year cycles, they run according to the calendar year. Essence and Transit cycles have the letters of your name as their basis; therefore they run from one birth date to the next.