The capstone, and the conerstone

Each letter of your name represents some of your traits of character. However, the location of those letters is also of great importance.

For example, the Cornerstone is the first latter in your name (your first name at birth). The Cornerstone reveals your character, in particular – the ways you handle obstacles and seize opportunities.

Your first name's last letter is the Capstone, and it represents your attitude towards completing things that you took up. Your Cornerstone and Capstone can give you a great insight on how you deal with projects, how well you start and finish them.

To know more of your deeper self, look at the first vowel in your first name. As was explained before, the Heart's Desire is a hidden but a very significant number of your chart. This number represents a large inner part of you that you do not easily reveal – usually only your relatives and close friends can see this trait of yours. Through your name's first vowel you allow them a small glimpse into your deeper self, into what you truly are.

It is noteworthy that if the first vowel in the name used by the person is different from the first vowel of the original birth name, he or she will probably be especially unwilling to reveal his or her deeper self.