Numerology Minor personality number

Numerology Minor Personality number gives you an additional information on how do you present yourself to the world around, and the only letters taken into account are the consonants in current or short name. Particularly, Minor Personality number points at the aspects that you already have become most comfortable with throughout the time of your life.

If you change your name later in life, for example when getting married or for other personal reasons, this change can significantly influence on how you approach life in general, how you deal with other people – in short, the characteristics of your Minor Personality number. This is why you must take utmost care when you change your name, perhaps even consult a numerologist. For example, when you get married, you could consider a hyphenated name, to add some traits to your character without changing it entirely.

To figure out your Minor Personality number, follow the pattern of the Personality number, adding the consonant letters of your short name and reducing the totals you get to a single-digit.