Minor expression number

To find out your numerology Minor Expression Number, you have to take into account your last name and your short name – the name that you use while introducing yourself.

Of course, the influence of your full name is much greater than that of your short name. But the interesting thing is that often your short name makes up for your full name in a certain way, giving you the necessary numbers (and, therefore, their characteristics), that are out of balance or absent in your full name.

For example, if your full name misses certain numbers, you might easily find them in your short name. And the other way around – the numbers that are excessive in your full name will be made up for in your short name. If you change your name later in life, for instance when getting married or for some other personal reasons, this event will probably subtract or add certain qualities to your character. It can also intensify the traits you already have or reveal your latent talents.

I wouldn't recommend you to change your name on impulse. Sure, when time comes to marriage, there usually isn't much choice, although for women the trend of keeping their maiden names is becoming more and more prominent with each year. However, if you can't help changing your name – for instance, for professional reasons – try to choose a name that already exists in your family, so that through this name you would be connected to your ancestors. The characteristics of given name will already be there in your lineage, and you'll find it much easier to assimilate the new name into your personality.

Below are some frequently asked questions about short names.

- Short name is how you would call yourself while thinking about yourself, do not forget to include the last name.

- Your short name is the one you feel most comfortable with in a relaxed company.

- When you count your Minor Expression number, do not count middle initial, unless you use it when introducing yourself, as in “Hi, I'm Tom J. Hancock”.

- Short versions of names, which you were using in the past refer to your inner characteristics and feelings that you had during this period. If you no longer use that name, it means that it doesn't resemble your current identity.

In order to determine your Minor Expression number, you'll need the same formula as for the regular Expression Number, but applied to the name that you use when introducing yourself in public, last name included.