Numerology Balance number

Different people respond in different ways to life's challenges. Some will try to withdraw from emotions, not feeling anything; others prefer to think difficult situations through. Some people explode with emotions but it does not last, while others will want to hold on to their feelings, much longer than they should.



Most of the times these responses are natural, they can't be programmed or analyzed. Our interior responses are always influenced by something larger than us, although with experience, self-development and maturity we learn to better handle problems and challenges. Your Numerology Balance number will help you to find the most effective way of how to tackle threatening or difficult situation.

To calculate your Balance number you need to add the numbers of the initials in your full name, which was given at birth. Then you again have to reduce the number to a single-digit, do this until you get the Master number.

An example: The initials of John Peter Hancock would be J, P, H, which according to the table are 1, 7 and 8. Add them all up, and you'll get 16, which afterwards adds to 7. Number 16 is a so-called 'Karmic Debt', it is written as 16=7.