CHALLENGES - Calculate Your Challenge Numbers

Every person has his or her own strong and weak sides. Numerology tends to look at the whole life as a long educational period, which gives us lessons, enhances the talents we have, and it may also turn anyone's weakness into their strength. Our lifelong being is completed by this process.

Every one of us has to face four challenges during his life. These Challenges may be different for certain individuals, but for others the same Challenge repeats itself over their lives periodically facing the person with the same type of problems. The goal of these Challenges is to confront you with your weaknesses and negative sides of your personality in order to become a whole, an accomplished person. During our life path specific lessons and situation will be provided, and to succeed it's necessary to know what are yours Challenge numbers and learn their key characteristics.

Four Challenges will not be influencing your life all at the same time – they will occur in different periods, except the Third Challenge – it is often referred to as the Main one, and lasts from the very beginning of your life till death.

All Challenges represent periods of significant change in your life, they are referred to generally and not related to specific age groups. They are assigned to you on the day you are born, as a part of your life scenario.

The First Challenge starts its way from the earliest weeks of your new life, and often lasts until the early mid-life period – by this time people usually gain much experience and overcome the given obstacle.

All the Challenges are interconnected between each other: before the 1st life challenge comes to an end, you will already feel the influence of the second one. The most intense influence of the 2nd challenge can be felt in the middle period of one's life.

Third Challenge differs much from all other ones – it is the strongest one, which will stay and keep influencing you during the course of the whole life.

Logically, the last challenge (the fourth one) takes its beginning in late mid-life, and then continues to stay with you for the whole life left.


Calculate Your Challenge Numbers

Determining the Challenge numbers belongs to only few numerological descriptions, to find which we use subtraction method. As other numbers in this article, it is also driven from the birth date. The order is following: month, day, year – for American-type dates, and day, month, year – for European.

There is a special formula to find your own Challenges numbers. To make example easier to understand, we will consider a specific date.

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION: During the calculation of the Challenge numbers, all digits of Master Numbers are reduced to single ones.

In our example of January 12, 1981 each of the figures (month, day, and year) were converted into single digits. They were 1, 3, 1 respectively.

Step 1 (finding First Challenge): subtract the month number from the day of birth (or do vice versa, if you get a negative result). For the date we have: 3-1=2

Step 2 (the Second Challenge): again use subtraction method – now subtract number of day from the birth year (or again, you may do it vice versa).
In our case, we do the following: 1-1=0

Challenge number = 0 is a very common result.

Step 3 (Third challenge): this Main challenge is found through subtraction of 1st challenge from the 2nd (or the other way). In our example: 2-0=2

Step 4 (Fourth challenge calculation): is simply deducting month from the year of birth, or backwards. For the given date: 1-1=0