Numerology Personality number

NUMEROLOGY PERSONALITY NUMBER (or sometimes called as "the Outer Personality")

Personality number is calculated based on the consonants, which exist in your full name at the moment of birth. Everyone's Personality is similar to a doorway to a wide place, where your whole nature can be observed. These are the aspects and emotions that you are not afraid and feel comfortable to share with people at the starts of any relationships.

As you start knowing each other better, you may show those people deeper and more personal aspects of your inner world – start revealing more and more of the "true you".. In effect, you start sharing your Expression, Heart's Desire, etc.

Numerology personality number may act as a so-called 'censoring' feature: it filters what expressions and emotions you send to the outer world, and which you let to approach. People and information you are being exposed to a going through your inner 'filtering device' and either let or not to enter your mind. That is why your inner Personality is in most of the cases more protective, secure and narrow inherently, than the true you. It may immediately determine things, situations or people you do not want to deal with and prevent you from facing it. At the same time is there is somebody or something, which relates good to your inner self, it is welcomed.

It may be good or not, but this 'Personality' features are the first impression you make on people. It may either welcome them and seem interesting, or may cause people to lose their interest in you as a person.

Find out Your Personality number.

Step 1: add-up the each name constants and then reduce this to a single-digit number.
Step 2: add all the resulting numbers and again reduce to a single-digit.