Heart desire number


HEART'S DESIRE NUMBER (sometimes referred to as "the Soul Urge")

The number of your Heart's Desire is driven from the vowels in your full name.
Used vowel letters are A, E, I, O, U (presented in alphabetical order). All others are considered consonant (the letter Y is an exception in some cases).

Letter 'Y' may change its meaning and be either consonant or vowel, everything depends on hot it is being used in the name. In determining the role of letter Y in your name is it important to use the following rule: in most of the cases it acts as a vowel if it sounds like it. The same rule is true when Y is the only one vowel in a given syllable. Examples of names for both cases: Katelyn, Mary, Bryan, Yvonne.
But if the letter Y doesn't generate a separate vowel sound, like when it is paired with the other vowel letter, it is referred to as a consonant. Examples of names, where letter Y is a consonant: Murray, Maloney – here the vowel sound is influenced by other long vowel letters (A and E respectively).
There is another rule, when Y is counted as a consonant – sometimes it is pronounced as a soft letter J sound, for example, in names as Yoda, Yolanda.
In popular names as Wyatt or Bryan, letter Y is counted as vowel - it sounds as the only vowel in the 1st syllable of both mentioned names. Letters A in both of those names are part of the 2nd syllable, they are not pronounced and therefore have no influence on the role of Y.
Calculate your Heart's Desire number.
This number is calculated the following way:
Vowels of each name are the only numbers being added, the total number must be reduced to a single digit.
Then, the resulting numbers of each name are added together and again reduced.

Minor Heart's desire number

This number is calculated on the basis of the vowels of your short name. Your short name shows the refinements of your longer full name, the one given to you at birth with its more complex qualities. Your short name sharpens and groups together the energies you get from your full name; it focuses on specific aspects of your being and balances others. This is exactly why often your short name gives some insight into what you truly are and what you want from life. It points out both at your desires and at the limits of your potential that you set for yourself.

To figure out your numerology Minor Heart's Desire, use the pattern for Heart's Desire and calculate the sum total of the vowels in your short or current name.