The birth day number

Your own Birth Day number – about:

That particular day when you were born carries much information and is very significant in determining of who you may become and what talents you will most likely acquire. No matter during what season or on what date you were born – you will receive a unique gift from the destiny, the gist you will carry along your whole life.

Your birth day number is one of the five core numbers, which determine the direction of your life and outline some personal traits. Other four numbers are: the Life Path, your Heart's Desire, Expression, and Personality number. The Birth Day number is considered the least significant of all five numbers mentioned above, but it is probably the most finite one – it may show the abilities you possess in this or that sphere.


Your personal Birth Day number is simply the number the day you were born has, it is analyzed as both double- and single-digit number. Such twofold way has the strong reason: If you get a double-digit number for a Birth Day, it means that you have some additional characteristics, which can not be fully revealed by the 1-digit number. Let us suppose, a person was born on the 18th day of a month; we can say he has Birth Day number 9 (1 + 8), if we use double digit system, 1 and 8 give the completely other picture than 9 alone does. This number 18 signifies different traits and abilities to number 9, than number 27 does. Although 27 gives the same number 9, 2 and 7 separately are the totally different case. This is very important in understanding the logic and meaning of Birth Day number. That is why all 31 days of the month are separated and each has a unique description.