Numerology Personal Fortunate and Lucky Numbers

Nowadays many people find that Numerology is a fascinating science. Adepts of this ancient discipline are found in many locations around the world. Besides, some countries have their own Numerological traditions. Among such countries are: India, China and Greece.


Have you ever noticed that particular digit is the most fortunate for you? When you choose number for vehicle license plate, telephone number, password or when you stake on something, do you prefer a certain number? It's now common that a person believes their birth date to be the fortunate number, or, for example, birth date of their children or husband/wife.

A huge amount of individuals from different countries trust Numerological method of calculating the fortunate number for themselves. Basically, your Fortunate Number according to Numerology is the single digit that derives from your birth date. In addition, there exist a set of different methods to discover your Fortunate Number as well.

In fact, Numerology lucky Numbers have roots at your Core Numbers, primarily your Course of Existence or Self-Expression Number. Fortunate Numbers are calculated as easily. Just add every digit in the date of your birth in following manner: 3/6/1974 = 3+6+1+9+7+4 = 30. Then reduce the result by further adding until you get a single digit. In our case: 30 = 3+0 = 3. This way, someone born on March 6, 1974 has Course of Existence of 3, which means that Fortunate Number is 3, too.

Suppose the person in our example is facing a decision between two apartments to move to. Numeric representations of apartments (i.e. their numbers) can be reduced as well, and than compared with the person's Fortunate Number. For example, one apartment is numbered 102, and the other is 37. After reduction of numbers, it is seen that 102 is likely to be the best option. Calculations are as follows: 102 makes 3 (1+0+2), while 37 makes 1 (3+7 = 10; 1+0 = 1).

Obviously, real life is much more complicated and decisions aren't so easy to make. The positive is that it is not necessary to find accurate matches of your Personal Numerology Fortunate and Lucky Number everywhere. Besides, different numbers can be in favor of different purposes. For example, your business telephone number is supposed to harmonize with your business contacts, while for your personal number it is more important to attract friends and lovers. In contrast, there are numbers which make negative influence on your affairs, and you should not ignore them. Refer to the table below to determine your Fortunate Number.


One as the Fortunate Number:
Contrary to common misinterpretation of one as a number of loneliness, in fact it is one of the most fortunate numbers. It symbolizes starting of new undertakings, besides it’s the number heading every list. One stands for success and attainment. It comprises qualities of protection, wealth and health, owing to the fact it belongs to the Sun symbolism. A person will feel the luck coming from his or her “one” upon starting new beginnings and achieving goals.

Two as the Fortunate Number:
The sense of two in terms of fortune is diversity. Twos signify that their owners are granted the best things of both realms. In Ancient Egypt, two was used in the emblematic of two-stage pathway of fulfillment (1. Competence & 2. Insight). It was believed that fortune comes from the inside of the person, not from the outside. When it comes to relationships, two plays a favorable role, too. It ensures an unbreakable and equal partnership.

Three as the Fortunate Number:
Threes are fortunate indeed! It's a blessed numeral with loads of transcendent, esoteric implications throughout different cultures of the world. Typically, threes acquire the energy of two powers and blends them along to create advanced energetic occurrence. Three will serve as your fortunate numeral when you apply it in a quality of focus point – similar to a triplet of objectives. Imagine a triangle standing vertically. Set the adjacent segments of the triangle to visualize admirable features, e.g. “patience” and “belief”; then understand the base of the triangle as the advanced energetic occurrence emerged from those features. In this sample situation, it can be stated that “achievement” occurred owing to the collaboration of belief and patience.

Four as the Fortunate Number:
Fundamental meaning of fortunate number four lies in energy stabilization. Four will serve as your fortunate number in case you are occupied with domestic concerns, or strive for security. One of my acquaintances focuses in the energy of fortunate number four every time he is choosing a new apartment. Feel skeptical about it? There's nothing silly in using the power of appropriate energies in our favor under certain circumstances. Egyptians never ignored this opportunity, and they assigned the energy belonging to number four to the deity named Horus (known as the protector).

Five as the Fortunate Number:
Five is especially fortunate in Chinese culture. It is assigned with five Chinese consecrations: Wellbeing, Prosperity, Fortune, Life, Reconciliation. Esoteric experts and alchemists exploit the fortune force of pentagon stars for security and equilibrium of power in their practice. Undoubtedly, the five is an all-embracing notion in matter. It serves as a fortunate number for body health condition and security. Interesting fact is that exactly the fifth rock David threw at Goliath has downed him in the epic Biblical argument.

Six as the Fortunate Number:
The number six in terms of fortune is favoring subjects of relationships and romance. This is due to the fact that six is assigned to the Venus, a planet which signifies harmony and desire in our acquaintances. Tarot card set include The Lovers card, which surprisingly is also represented by number six. It implies relationships in equilibrium, open and sincere communication. Try using the stabilizing force of number six for your fortune when starting fresh partnerships or engaging romances.

Seven as the Fortunate Number:
The author's pick of all fortunate numbers. It is favorable in terms of scholarly fulfillment. Seven is related to spiritual, mental and rational advancement as well. It's the numeral of perception and sophisticated reasoning. Besides, seven is a time-driven force, typically it signals decent timing when analyzed in sequences. Consider an example, you have an evidence of a series of seven during the daytime (on your watch, on tram tickets, car licenses, apartment numbers, and so on) it is often a sign of decent timing for sophisticated/spiritual undertakings.

Eight as the Fortunate Number:
The conclusion about number eight in terms of fortune is controversial. But, as long as it incorporates cyclical origin, I am positive on its luck. See, if you put the 8 figure on its side, you will get eternity sign ∞. I will explain how this can be fortunate. It is due to the fact that in our universe everything is eternal yet transitional. Basically, what is lost will be replenished by something else somewhere. What is located far once will be close to us. Given such kind of energetic pliability, eight is a good candidate for the poster of fortunate number connotation because it signifies that people's fortune is ever changing, reprocessing, growing and circling.

Nine as the Fortunate Number:
Nine acts as a fortunate numeral owing to its correlation with the three. Besides, it's a numeral saying “a lot of happy returns”. The reason of this lays in number nine's property to reoccur as itself in mathematical calculations. Multiply random numeral by nine, then reduce the result. Reduction will lead to nine again. (5x9=45, after reduction: 4+5=9). It's a numeral of incorporation and getting back to original source. Try using the numeral nine under conditions of searching the inspiration among many diverse ways to a goal in order to come up with a sound, integrated statement.

Author hopes you obtained interesting and useful information on this page devoted to fortunate number significance.