Natural Skills of People with this Life Path: such people are extremely inventive, with progressive ideas, quick thinkers, independent, great administrators, and energetic. What happens if 5 energy is excessive or negatively applied: they become impatient, overly critical, impulsive, restless, nervous, with a sharp tongue and hasty decisions.

US Presidents with Life Path 5: T. Jefferson, T. Roosevelt, A. Lincoln, F. Roosevelt

All above mentioned presidents are placed in Top 10 US Presidents, which may be a reason for the following question: Was Life Path Number 5 a 'prerequisite' for being a successful president? Life Path 5 is a leader in producing great presidents, all four mentioned leaders must be respected and admired.
Thomas Jefferson may be the best example out of mentioned four due to his strong love of liberty and freedom, strong skill of people with Life Path 5. When he was 33, before his presidential post, he took part in drafting the Declaration of Independence and was an author of bill, which established the religious freedom of citizens (it was issued in 1786). And when was president he cut the budget, eliminated tax on whiskey, Army and Navy expenditures were lowered, and national debt was reduced by one third. The Constitution did not say anything about new land acquisition, but Thomas Jefferson acquired the territory of modern Louisiana from Napoleon over 200 years ago - in 1803.
Another great example of Life Path 5 President is Abraham Lincoln, great American President, who issued the Emancipation Proclamation, declaring all the slaves in Confederacy free. He was the one, who never let the world to forget all the horror and outcomes that Civil War brought. As a president he did much and tackled many serious issues, which placed him at the top ranking.
Theodore Roosevelt, famous for his views that the President should take all actions for the public well-being, which are not prohibited by law, because every president is a "steward of the people". He had many ideals, among which was the thought that the Government should be the great force in economic conflicts resolution in the whole Nation, what is more important û between labor and capital. Government should be the force, guaranteeing the justice to everyone and dispensing favors to none. Roosevelt was famous as the 'trust buster', who brought antitrust suits under the issued Sherman Act. He served the people and freed them from that time tyrants, was the greatest environmentalist, legendary peacemaker û his love of liberty, provided by Life Path 5, made him one of the Top US Presidents.  
Franklin D. Roosevelt was the President, who served the most terms (4 of them, to be specific) - he took the office at the peak of the great depression, gave people the hope they needed. His great leadership was the tool, which freed United States from poverty due to initiation of a sweeping program, which recovered agriculture and business, gave a relief to all unemployed and those who were about to lose their homes or farms. An important reform, the Tennessee Valley Authority, was an important part of poverty reduction. He resisted to involving US in war and his leadership during the World War II cemented this President with Life Path 5 as our second best President in the ratings.
All of the above-mentioned presidents were energetic fighters for liberty and freedom, progressive thinkers. They all certainly are deserving their rankings, and if combined together they prove that Life Path 5 is the ideal number for the one, who wants to become the "leader of the free world."