Natural Skills of People with this Life Path: they possess common sense logical thinking great managerial skills, very concentrated to achieve their set goals, determined, careful planners, those who easily overcome obstacles and develop a scientific approach to problems. What happens if 4 energy is excessive or negatively applied: they become non-adaptive to changes, stubborn, argumentative, and extremely slow and unsure decision-makers.

US Presidents with Life Path 4: J. Tyler, G. Cleveland, and A. Johnson

All leaders born with Life Path were not all the great ones - the most notable among three named presidents was Grover Cleveland (America's President, who served back in the late 19th century). 
Being a lawyer in Buffalo, Grover Cleveland became famous due to his specific character - he was very goal oriented and concentrated on a single task, whichever he faced. 
He was the only President in the history of United States, who served for 2 nonconsecutive terms. He was defeated by another candidate, Benjamin Harrison (W.H. Harrison's grandson), right after his first term. But four years later Cleveland returned to the presidential post.  
Typical traits of life path 4 - abrupt manners and dog-like determination were obvious for everyone around. Grover Cleveland pursued an economic policy barring special favors and privileges to any economic group. The Interstate Commerce Act, first law to regulate federal railroad, was signed by this president. G. Cleveland was not one of the most loved and great president, but the possessed the right amount of honesty, courage, regulation, and patriotism, which were necessary for an American leader. 
Cleveland had stubborn and blunt ways to solve problems, which is the result of Life Path 4. Unfortunately, this life path number failed to represent other good presidents.