Natural Skills of People with this Life Path: they are very creative with accurate insights, vivid visionary plans, and very positive spirit; such people are in-born orators and masters of written communication. What happens if 3 energy is excessive or negatively applied: such person lacks direction, is not able to forgive, moody and overly critical.


US Presidents with Life Path 3: A. Jackson, J.Q. Adams

Competent Presidents with Life Path 3 were all by year 1829, after that no president with this number was seen.

At the beginning of his career John Quincy Adams served as a secretary for his father, later he became an accomplished writer and linguist. He was a key person in formulation of Monroe Doctrine, under the President Monroe's term. When J.Q. Adams became a president he made United States the leader in development of sciences and arts û national university was established, construction of observatory and various scientific expeditions were financed. 

This president possessed the excessive energy of Life Path 3 - it derived both from his date of birth and his name - he was a moody person, which gave him an image of uncaring leader in front of the public. Unfortunately, his reputation and career diminished due to serious ideological conflicts with his successor. 

Andrew Jackson, another president with Life Path 3, was an US army general, frontiersman, senator from Tennessee state, lawyer, and a judge. Often he was called as the 'Old Hickory' due to his toughness. Being a strong leader he made the presidential office as powerful, as it has never been before. Among other important achievements, A. Jackson was among founders of the Democratic Party. Andrew Jackson was very popular among people, brilliant writer, who came from the backwoods. He was inspiring, but like J.Q. Adams he had too much of 3 energy - this serves as an explanation of his unforgiving strict nature, criticism, and all the extravagances.