Natural Skills of People with this Life Path: Excellent thinking abilities, courage and leadership. These people are forceful in their words and deeds, inventive and possess good executive abilities. What happens if 1 energy is too excessive or negatively applied: Over-assertiveness or aggressiveness occurs. Person is totally uncooperative, egoistic, impulsive, and always tries to dominate over others.


US Presidents with Life Path 1: G. Washington, W. McKinley, and Z. Taylor.

Great leaders are often born under the Life Path 1, which was no doubt another plus, which played its role in the choice of the US 1st president - George Washington.
Being the world's most famous first president, George Washington he was aware of the big importance of building a strong executive system, which could serve as a basis for all future US presidents. It was his initiative to strictly define in the Constitution what really 'executive power' is, and define president's place and responsibilities in the government. G. Washington had a hard task to unite the people, create a new nation, keep government working and developing, and also attract appropriate people to help him run it. By his initiative president was made a representative of all the people in the country, his office was placed above all political battles. He was a true leader not only in the home country, but in all foreign affairs too, acting as a true symbol of the nation and all people of the US. George Washington never abused the power he was given by the Constitution and people. It was a hard task to manage the finances, defend Americans from threats coming from British and Spanish war missions, or protect borders against the Indians.
First executive departments in Congress were established under his leadership, the whole governmental system was kept going with the aid of the Congress itself and G. Washington's cabinet. Established financial system got the united Stated out of huge debt and helped the country to develop further. Federal law was given a higher supremacy than the state law. And what was the most important - peace was established between Indians and US citizens, new lands were acquired and three states were admitted to the Union (Kentucky, Vermont, Tennessee).
At that time the President with a Life Path Number 1 was essential - he brought the assertive leadership and original solutions. George Washington has brilliantly fulfilled all the responsibilities - undoubtedly, he is one of the greatest US Presidents.