Natural Skills of People with this Life Path: they are usually idealistic, mankind-concerned, very compassionate persons, who are highly spiritual and follow philanthropic principles in their lives. They are the ones who think dramatically and always on the side of amnesty. What happens if 9 energy is excessive or negatively applied: depression or bad moods are frequent, behavior becomes changeable. Person has excessive desire for personal recognition and acts impulsively. 

US Presidents with Life Path 9: R.B. Hayes, J. Buchanan, J. Carter, and W.H. Taft

It may be a surprise, but presidents with life path 9 are hardly at a level of above average. Leadership is not an in-born skill of such people. And Jimmy Carter may be placed at the top of this group.

While being a president, Jimmy Carter signed a Treaty on the Panama Canal, which meant turning the canal over to the Panama in 1999. He received much critical feedback for giving up the control over this strategic gateway. This president worked too hard for protection of human rights all over the world, and this made some countries angry. In 1979 J. Carter signed the SALT II Treaty with Brezhnev, the Soviet Union President. This Treaty limited the nuclear weapons development and use, but United States Senate did not approve that document. The American economy of that time was experiencing crisis; oil prices in countries of Middle East increased, which led to dramatic raise of prices for almost every product. Expanding a business, buying homes, or borrowing money became too expensive.

Jimmy Carter's major accomplishments include the famous 'Camp David Accords' agreement, signed in 1978. This document later served as a basis for peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. Leaders of above mentioned countries were invited to United States, and Carter helped them to prepare the peace treaty, which was fair and satisfying for both sides. Among other accomplishments of this president is the establishment of full true diplomatic relations with China (People's Republic of China). But there were also many important achievements in the local country - Carter created the new Department of Energy and established new national energy policy; National Park System was expanded and included over million acres of the Alaskan wilderness. During J.Carter's presidency record number of Hispanics, African-Americans, and women were appointed to governmental jobs. Unfortunately, he did not get the second term Probably the reason for that was following: last 14 months of Carter's presidency coincided with crisis in Iran. During that period group of Iranian terrorists kidnapped 66 American citizens from the U.S. Embassy in the Iran capital, Tehran. These people were held hostage for 444 days and then rescued.

J. Carter was very religious and caring President. All the words he said and the deeds he did proved that he was one of the top righteous leaders of the US, and many people call him as the strong chief. This president is a vivid example of a president with life path 9: charitable ways were employed in most (if not all) aspects of his presidential post.