Natural Skills of People with this Life Path: they possess outstanding political and executive skills, easily make decisions and command over others. Such people are experts in handling authority, working for a specific cause, gaining respect and recognition among others. They are very hard working and have good time-management. What happens if 8 energy is excessive or negatively applied: impatient with subordinate, excessive anger, loving to be displayed, lack of true basic humanitarian feelings, too many ambitions.


Eight US Presidents with Life Path 8: G.R. Ford, J. Monroe, J.K. Polk, M.V. Buren, M. Fillmore, C.A. Arthur, U.S. Grant and L.B. Johnson.

Great political and executive skills served well to those presidents, who were born with the Life Path 8 - under this life path number there are more presidents, than in any other (total of 8). But only 3 out of presented 8 leaders can be said, that they were above average, and only L.B. Johnson occupies the place in Top 10 US Presidents Rank.
After President Kennedy was assassinated (on November 22, 1963) Lyndon B. Johnson came to the president's office, where his great skills in domestic affair immediately helped his career. During his presidency an important Act, declaring 'War on Poverty' was launched, nowadays it is famous as the Economic Opportunity Act. Several months later, in 1964, Johnson secured the Civil Rights Act, which was a very strong legal document, prohibiting sexual or racial discrimination.
This president has dramatically increased the number of US troops in Vietnam on more than 50% (from 16,000 to 25,000 in a year). Many citizens were against that measure, but nevertheless Johnson easily wan a term in 1964. After this tremendous victory he received a mandate for his domestic program, called the Great Society. As a response from the Congress Medicare program was passed (it approved aid from the state to secondary and elementary education), also Congress supplemented the War on Poverty and created a new department, named Department of Housing and Urban Development. Next year, in 1965, the Voting Rights Act (an important law on civil rights) was passed.
Between years 1965 and 1968 racial problems caused wide riots all over the United States, while nation was in Vietnam. Military escalations in Vietnam were proven to be fully President Johnson's undoing. This long war caused high inflation rates and became a reason for criticism from the people, especially from younger people. Eventually, war in Vietnam was not won, and Johnson became dogmatic and very sensitive to outer criticism. All the brilliant instincts he had in politics were now gone - popularity began declining rapidly. And on March 31st, 1968 he made an announcement that bombings of North Vietnam will be stopped and negotiations to end the war will begin; Johnson also stated that he will not run for the next term elections.
Perfect example of the strong chief executive with Life Path 8 is represented by Johnson, who was a truly power broker in the presidency and the Congress.