Natural Skills of People with this Life Path: careful investigators, researchers, analysts, who possess inventive and scientific thinking. They are decisive, acumen, have contemplation in solitude and penetrating wit. What happens if 7 energy is excessive or negatively applied: too secretive and overly reserved, sarcastic, bossy, convicts to a fault, too much argumentative and cynical.

US Presidents with Life Path 7: H.S. Truman, J. Garfield, W.H. Harrison, J.F. Kennedy, G.H.W. Bush

Thin number of a life path actually shows that such people should not even have a desire to become President. Nevertheless, the 7 Life Path gave us 2 great country leaders - J.F. Kennedy and H.S. Truman. George H.W. Bush was not far too. Surprisingly or not, but 5 out of 7 named presidents were assassinated in office.

Undoubtedly, Harry S Truman is the greatest out of the Presidents with Life Path 7. At first, he was a vice president and did not know much about all the problems, which were going on, such as difficulties in communication and understanding with Soviet Russia or the atomic bomb. But all of a sudden all these problems became his ones to solve, when VP became President after the death of FDR. Many crucial decisions in the history of United States were made by Truman. Proposition of expanding the Social Security, dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, end of the war, issue of permanent Fair Employment practices Act, full-employment program, slum clearance and public housing (known as the Fair Deal program) are among those historical decisions. The Truman Doctrine was initiated in 1947 after the Soviet Union has had a pressure on Turkey and Greece, the doctrine provided aid to the two countries. So-called Marshall Plan, which was given a name after the Secretary of State at those times, stimulated the recovery of economy in post-war Western Europe. Truman also negotiated an alliance of military forces for Western nations' protection in 1949 - the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Next year, in June 1950 South Korea was attacked by the Communist government of North Korea, Truman was strongly against it. After having a conference with his military advisers it was decided to place the forces of United Nations to protect the borders of South Korea. President Truman kept this war as a limited one. 
The decisions made by Truman were among one of the hardest ones for all American Presidents. He could foresee the consequences of decisions, analyze and make the best choices in current situations. He earned the reputation of one of the best US Presidents.