Natural Skills of People with this Life Path: it is a true idealist with determined humanitarian spirit. He is ready to serve the fellows, very conventional thinker and righteous person, who is steadfast in beliefs. What happens if 6 energy is excessive or negatively applied: person becomes stubborn, self-righteous, obstinate, easily victimized by adulation, has a dominating posture and slow in decision-making.

Six US Presidents with Life Path 6: J. Madison, W. Harding, W. Wilson, D. Eisenhower, G.W. Bush and R. Nixon

Presidents with this Life Path were a popular choice, probably due to their "Father-Knows-Best" attitude that they were projecting. Three of mentioned above Presidents turned out to be a good ones, other three did not fare so well. 

The highest rated of Presidents with Life Path 6 was Woodrow Wilson - occupying the 6th place among Top 10 US Presidents. During his presidency he asserted the international leadership to help build new world order and issued a program of progressive reforms. His accomplishments included the proclamation of entrance into the World War I (in 1917), achievement of the lower tariff (Underwood Act), graduated Federal income tax. After the Federal Reserve Act was passed, nation was provided the more flexible money supply system. And antitrust legislation of 1914 created the Federal Trade Commission, which prohibited all unfair business practices.

Two important laws were issued in 1916 - one of them limited railroad workers to 8 hours per day, and another prohibited use of child labor. But after the reelections, Wilson stated that America should enter the World War. He asked the Congress to declare war on Germany (April 2, 1917) and eventually he gained the victory.

Woodrow Wilson was an example of true great humanitarian leader with Life Path 6. 

George W. Bush was not as successful, as Wilson. However, there are few thoughts on this President. George Walker Bush has an excessive Life Path 6 energy, which results in all the negative traits, described at the beginning of the article. Additionally, due to the excessive 6 energy he may be rejecting the responsibility at the time of important events in his life. Probably this was a reason for his 'playboy' reputation (although some critics may argue that). 

Being a President he led the country into a questionable war in Iraq. His supporters may state, that his stubbornness was just right for a president. But historians do not think so. As for now, he is the worst president out of all Presidents with Life Path 6. Probably the future will change the ratings, but person with an excessive 6 energy is strongly not recommended to become the leader.