Personal Year 9 - Reflection and reaching out

number 9This is a personal year 9 for you. The 9 personal year is a year of completion in which you will take credits to almost all of the events in your previous years. While you may be happy for certain activities of your past, you will also the other way for some of the other activities.

You will analyze all the happenings of the past and scrutinize on the various factors of your life. You will also involve in many activities where you will give many things to others, rather than working solely on self improvement. You will also have great love towards nature in this current year.

Many activities and things from the past will come to an end in this year and this year will mark the completion of your 9 year personal cycle, giving way for another cycle to come, where you will have all the fortunes turning your side, for you to lead a happy life.