Numerology and Psychological Practice (Part 2)

Particular Benefits of Numerology in Psychological Practice

Now let’s speak particularly about how Numerology can benefit psychologist in his or her everyday practice.

head, psychologicalNumerology might serve as an extra tool for analysis. Any psychological test and methodology are directed on determining particular characteristics and problems of personality. Numerology doesn’t need lots of time to create a psychological portrait of the person, identifying the tendencies of the person. It can help you summarize the results and pay attention to particular signs or troublesome points.

Numerology shows not only the visible personality that is shown to everybody, it shows also the negative side of the person, fears, doubts, hidden desires, failed tries. All this information can be reached to for a few minutes and you can give quality help to the person. At the same time, in order to get such information psychologist will need hours and days of work with patient.

Also, we need to state that numerological calculations solely cannot bring results of a good quality without psychological work. So, these two components must be combined. Psychologist needs to compare the statements in the numerological reading with real situation, as external atmosphere can often change something in the person’s portrait. However, it is a great tool for quick identification of problem areas.

Realizing a problem is a great step to solve it. It means that Numerology can serve as a great analyzing tool for a psychologist, saving time and making the work of a psychologist as efficient as possible.

Also, it is nice for you to remember that Numerology considers life in periods, usually favorable ones or unfavorable. If the psychologist sees which period the person is in, it can tell a lot about general vulnerability, sensitivity, rationality, and logical or emotional reasoning of the person at the moment.

Numerology can also demonstrate particular patterns of person’s behavior in distress. It is also a very important point in characterizing the personality. Numerologists often see the breaking moments of the person’s life, in childhood or even during the adulthood, which later become the causes for many psychological problems.

This is only a small list of help that Numerology can offer to psychologists. The combination of these two knowledge can help benefit both the psychologist and the client.

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