Numerology and Psychological Practice

head, psychologicalNumerological knowledge can be an essential helper for inner understanding of oneself, as well as for psychological and psychotherapeutic practice. Numerology can offer information for everybody who is interested in profound analysis of personality. A professional numerologist can provide answers for lots of questions regarding person, with the help of date of birth and the full name of the person. Psychological knowledge is mandatory for numerologist. The psychological and numerological knowledge together create perfect mix that can surprise any skeptical person and give information to a person who needs it. So how can numerology be useful for psychologist?

Truth and False about Numerology

Oftentimes, when it comes to spiritual knowledge and numerology itself, lots of people are skeptical about it. Are such distrustful statements supported by facts? Or maybe they are supported by stereotypes and lack of knowledge about it?

To start with, I feel like it is needed to ruin some myths.

Usually any discussion starts with the words “numerology is not even a science”. Though Numerology is few millennia old, nowadays it is not considered as a science. In order to call it a science, it needs to have more objectivity. Most of the time, Numerology is based on interpretations, calculations and observations. You might know that two numerologists can have different opinion on the same calculations. Different or partly different interpretations are considered subjective.

The laws of numerology are impossible to prove. It is impossible for any numerologist to give you a 100% possibility that the inherent by the date of birth characteristics and behavioral patterns will not be influenced by the external events and changed to some point.

However, nowadays it is popular to use such a concept as ‘scientism’. It means that if something has a scientific value, it must not be proven or be disputed about and that it concerns people in general.

However, the knowledge of Numerology is can only benefit the world, if the concept of ‘unscientific’ is withdrawn. Modern advanced Numerology has found and proved that the structure of the Universe, the structure of DNA and human fates are interrelated and encrypted in the date of our birth.

As you know most of things in our world have levels of expertise, like junior middle and senior in IT, so professional and amateur in any other sphere, including Numerology. Making Numerology seem as simple as taking only the date of birth (or like its total) is a manifestation of narrow-mindedness at its finest. The popular stereotype that if two people have the same date of birth their destinies would be the same is false.

Indeed, the things are way complicated. Any professional numerologist makes complicated calculations and creates a matrix for each person. It involves not only the date of birth, but also the full name of the person, previous or changed names or surnames (if it was changed due to some reasons). It also works with so-called combination lock, which is compiled of date of birth and the full name translated into numbers. If you will think of all the details of this work, you will understand that professional numerology has nothing to do with simplicity of birth date put together. Hundreds of people with the same date of birth will have absolutely different fates.

Nowadays Numerology provides its knowledge far beyond its sphere, as it is applicable in HR management, job orientation, business consulting, and practice of psychologists. It guides and shows people other directions and possible outcome that they can achieve if they try something else.

Numerology by its nature is close to psychology, their research is based on the inner and outer worlds of people. If these two directions are joined the possibilities for growth, common use and happiness of people are huge.

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