Kabbalah Numerology

woman, numerologyThis branch of numerology became especially popular after Britney and Madonna popularized it. It is pronounced “Kabala”.


Kabbalah has a background of sprouting from the Mystical Sciences of Hebrew. This is the reason its most vital part is the Hebrew Alphabet.

The word Kabbalah is immersed in deep self-understanding and self-honesty, symbolizing the work of the mind, rather than mundane bodily experience.

One of most profound and distinguishing features of the Kabala system of numerology is that, unlike Psycho-Matrix or Pythagorean Systems of Numerology, where a lot of information is needed about a person for proper analysis, the Kabala only requires the name of a person.

How it Works

Every letter of the alphabet has a special value. The Hebrew Alphabets serve to find the numerical values of every letter. It is greatly possible to focus on most commonly used Kabala numbers. This is because there are four hundred path numbers. The challenge is to find the right one.

Finding a Kabala Number

Given below are the steps towards finding a proper Kabala number for yourself.

  1. Take a look at your first name. Then find out the value of your name. Your middle name also has to take part in finding your number.
  2. Take each value of each letter and sum them all.
  3. You will get either a two-digit number or even a three digit. Whatever is the case, divide it by 9.
  4. The number that remains after the whole number is your remainder number. Add 1 to that remainder. That is your Kabala Number.

For instance, suppose you got 42. Dividing it by nine gets you 6 as a remainder. Add 1 to the remainder and you will get your Kabala Number. If there is no remainder, you can take remainder as zero and add one to it. 1 is then your Kabala Number.

Kabala Number Meaning

Some of the major energies connected to your Kabala number will then guide you. Given below is the energy type attached to every number.

  1. Development
  2. Enlargement
  3. Affection
  4. Unsuccessful
  5. Formation
  6. Implementation
  7. Mystic
  8. Impetuous
  9. Luck

How is Kabala Different

If you are someone who doesn’t know about different branches of numerology, you may not know much about Kabala, other than it being just another Numerology branch. For you, it is enough that Kabala just requires your name. The other numerological systems may require your birth charts and dates.

Kabala Numerology has a wider spectrum of numbers. Its path numbers are near 400. It also involves a lot of hard work. However, most numerologists work with most common life path numbers, as well as common combinations.

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